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Yarnton Preschool commissioned Studio 13 architects as they had good local knowledge and previous experience in community projects. Maya was professional, knowledgable and helped us through a complex project with many stakeholders. Yarnton Preschool's tight budget was challenging and Maya was very understanding of the constraints and worked with the committee to keep the cost under control. Like any project there were challenges but Maya supported the parent committee in resolving these issues and was proactive in bringing forward solutions. 
Internal alterations.
New Preschool Building
Rosie Green and family
David, Liz and children
Simon Brown
It was a pleasure working with Maya through all the stages of re-developing and extending our village hall. She guided us very professionally through all the complications of the building process. She is an excellent and creative designer and also strong on the construction management side (which does not always follow). It was also good to know that local suppliers and trades were being employed through Maya's contact network.
Dan Clacher
Hall extension and Loft Conversion
New Playing Fields Pavillion 
Maya was simply brilliant.... She provided a turn key project for our busy household, the quality, cost effectiveness and timeliness to completion of which far exceeded our expectations.  She has made a house into a home we are proud of, and would not hesitate in recommending her.
The whole process from start to finish was excellent. During her first visit Maya was able to describe her vision for the house. This enabled us to see the real potential for our home and dismiss what we had become used to living in. The partnership between Maya and the tradesmen is one of constant challenge to ensure quality of workmanship and value for money. Her team were able to turn Maya's ambitious vision into a stunning reality. We now have a home which is life changing and the quality of our lifestyle has improved greatly. We would recommend no other team
Internal alterations and rear single storey extension.
Rob, Nicky and children
Any major building project in your home is daunting. Dealing with builders, tradesmen and retailers can be frustrating and when uncoordinated, very costly. By using Maya Ellis Design we avoided all of the stress and challenges normally associated with such upheaval. Any issues, however minor were promptly dealt with by Maya personally and her professional, no nonsense approach was fully understood by all of the trades people involved. In short, Maya is a pleasure to work with and superb value for money. I would thoroughly recommend her services to anyone thinking of undertaking any building work in the home.
Yarnton Preschool Committee
From the moment I met Maya I knew she was the architect/project manager I would love to have for our extension.  I immediately liked her vision and aesthetic and the fact she is as obsessed with light as I am.  She mixes experience insight into the practicalities of building with a skilled eye for interior design.  She is brilliant at striving for the best whilst still being mindful of the budget and is always at the end of the phone for support and reassurance.  Our project hasn’t been without its challenges, but she never shied away from confronting them and always works hard to come up with the best solution.
Maya Ellis committment and co-operation in designing and site managing the construction of our new pavilion was greatly appreciated by Yarnton Parish Council
Maya helped us think about the space differently and how we could use it better.  Her design was simple but so clever and beautiful and it works.  Now the building work is done our family life has changed for the better.  She was really easy to work with and considered all possible options.  She made our whole family feel houseproud and now e constantly have a stream of our children's friends round!
From the start, Maya’s service was efficient, design-focused and, most importantly, personalised.  You managed to work within a demanding timeframe and budget.  Thanks to you, and the team we now have a fabulous open plan living area that delivers on the brief for more light and space.  Truly first class service.
Internal alterations and external works including new glass canopy over decked area
Internal reconfiguration of ground floor including conversion of existing garage and rear extension.
Yarnton Parish Council
Sandford on Thames Parish Council
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Studio 13 Architects Supply a range of services for commercial and residential building projects, from initial concepts, through planning to project management and final hand over. 
Jo Huyg and Rafa Borja and the children 
LegislationIt is important before you start your project that you are aware of the approvals that will be needed from the local authority for Planning and Building Regulations, as well as legislation that might affect your plans, such as party wall regulations.  Your architect can guide you through matters as they develop the design. They will also be able to assist you in making the necessary submission for approvals and handle negotiations with the statutory bodies. Planning permission and 'permitted development'Bigger public projects (like a new supermarket or a library), always need planning permission. Smaller projects for private houses (eg extensions), often don’t need planning permission as long as certain limits and conditions are met. These projects are called ‘permitted development’. Development of any kind on designated land is not permittable development. Designated land includes national parks and the Broads, Areas of Outstanding natural Beauty, conservation areas and World Heritage Sites. Building regulationsBuilding regulations make sure that new building work is safe, healthy, accessible and energy efficient. They are separate from planning permission.  For some building projects you may need both planning and building regulations approval. If you ignore planning and building rulesIf you need to comply with building regulations and you don't:[if !supportLists]·       [endif]the person carrying out the building work could be fined - up to £5,000 [if !supportLists]·       [endif]the building owner could receive a notice from their local authority requiring them to put the work right. Why choose a Professional Architect?If you’re thinking about building an architect is the best investment you can make. When you hire an architect, you have a professional on your side who knows the construction industry inside out. You are working with someone who has undertaken seven years of architectural training – no other building professional is trained in design and construction to such a high level of expertise. Architects provide a service that extends well beyond producing a set of drawings – they can handle the paperwork, bring value for money, imagination and peace of mind to your project, whilst keeping it on track and on budget. The use of the title Architect is protected by law and may only be used by registered persons; provision of a general ‘architectural service’ is less clearly defined and may be provided by others such as technicians.  A professional Architect will be expected to:[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Hold appropriate qualifications [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Be ARB registered as a statutory minimum, [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Hold an appropriate level of Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) cover and [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Will maintain personal CPD (continuing Professional Development) training  How much will the build cost?At current prices (2014), a very rough guide to overall construction costs might be as follows:[if !supportLists]·       [endif]Garage conversion 17-25K [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Simple lean-to extension 25-35K [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Two storey extension/loft conversion 60-90K [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Major refurbishment, and/or extension 35-180K [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Rebuilding 160K plus  Being a good client[if gte mso 9]> 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false
Stages of the process: Briefing, surveys and sketch ideas  Allow 3 to 6 weeks depending on the size of the project [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Decide on the main purpose of the work - what are you trying to achieve? [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Survey the property - understand the opportunities and constraints [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Develop sketch ideas - there is often more than one way of meeting your brief so we will prepare options and discuss which one best meets your needs [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Decide if further specialist advice is required (such as structural engineers and party wall surveyors)  Planning application  Allow 2 to 4 weeks for preparation plus 8 to 10 weeks for approval [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Develop the design of the chosen idea (early input from an engineer might be appropriate) [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Review and agree that this design will meet your needs [if !supportLists]·       [endif]Prepare drawings, forms and other supporting documents for a Planning Application to your Local Authority [if gte mso 9]> 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false